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MOTHER AND CHILD WELFARE AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION INDIA is a NON-PROFIT secular organization, with RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES, Fully Equipped with the Pre school and School Session, providing Education and Training to all kinds of CHILDREN and ADULTS with Behavior Problems and Multiple Disabilities like Autism, Slow Learners, Aspergers, ADHD, Mental Retardation, Down Syndrome, Hearing, Speech and Visual Impairment, etc.

Rehabilitation: Recreational and Vocational Therapy


Therapeutic recreation services are essential to the patient with SCI for three important reasons: 

A method of treatment to improve your physical, psychological, social, and emotional well-being, such as conducting a volleyball activity to improve balance.
A method of education to increase your knowledge of and successfully provide for your leisure activities, which are an integral part of your rehabilitation and social reintegration 
Recreational participation, which is necessary for a normalized, balanced lifestyle for all people, and essential as a means of self-expression, release, and socialization for the people with SCI. 
Like all other rehabilitation therapies, therapeutic recreation helps you achieve your highest possible level of independence and quality of life. 

Many people with schizophrenia are unemployed as they lack the skills needed to hold a job. Job training and vocational therapy can help people with schizophrenia develop the skills necessary to attain and hold to a job.

Vocational therapy is a process which involves interviews, evaluation of abilities, and tests of manual and physical skills to determine the jobs that are best suited for the person. Through the process of vocational training, people with schizophrenia are evaluated, trained, and placed in jobs where they can be successful. Having a job increases a person's ability to become independent and enhances his or her sense of purpose and self-worth.

The Activity becomes a therapy when Persons with mental retardation (mild &moderate) and psychiatric disabilities (reactive psychosis, affective disorder and neurosis), Restored clinical conditions in the state of persons with psychiatric disabilities, Placed in the various vocational programme based on aptitude, attitude, social back ground and family expectations and to prepare them to obtain or retain employment. 

The Phase of Vocational Therapy 

Phase I
Work behavior assessment
Development of work behavior
Life skill training

Phase II
Vocational interest assessment
Identification of trade
Vocational training
Training in job seeking skills

Phase III
Job identification
Preparing the employers and co workers 
Preparing the client employability
Job placement (part time & full time)
Follow up

Vocational Rehabilitation Service Units 
The objectives and the phases of rehabilitation gives rise to the formation of various Vocational rehabilitation service units like… 

The Dairy Farm 
Gokulam established in the year 1995 at Shristi. This diary unit has 50 milch animals and offers training in multi various Diary activities such as feeding, milking and cleaning the cows to nearly 15 trainees per batch for a period of six months. Nearly 500 liters of milk is procured per day which is made available for the self sustenance of the various units of the foundation and the balance amount is given for commercial marketing by the trainees themselves. The income generated out of the sale procedure is distributed as an incentive for the trainees. 

Agro Based Activities 
The units having the infrastructure for carrying out agricultural activities promote the cultivation of various seasonal vegetables, fruits and nursery plants.

The various units having residential facilities at the foundation carry out these activities. Nearly a number of 40 and above, trainees, engage themselves in actives such as sowing, ploughing, irrigating, manuring and harvesting the agricultural crop. The trainees are allocated a portion of land marked in their name. This has a therapeutic bearing where in the trainee develops an affinity of owning the land and there by works with a sense of confidence and dignity. The yield is distributed for consumption amidst the various units of the foundation and the rest sent for public marketing. 

Animal Husbandry activities 
Persons with psychiatric disabilities are found to have a special emotional bondage with pet animals. Our experiences eventually led to the developing of animal farm that houses cows, dogs, gunniea pigs, rabbits, poultry, doves, love birds and fishes. Almost all the trainees enjoy touching, feeding and playing with the animals and participate in looking after the animals. This plays a therapeutic role in the development of accountability in the execution of the various activities in care giving of the animals. 

Micro Enterprises and Home based Activities 
The trainees are involved in the manufacturing of household materials such as phenyl, soap oil incense sticks, bathing soap, telephone mats, wire bags, key chains, fur dolls and eco friendly paper bags. Almost 100 trainees spread out in the various units of the foundation involve themselves in the activities where in they develop ways and means of improving their psycho motor coordination which is therapeutic in nature.

Further under the community banking scheme, A grant in aid programme that was the initial and initiating key factor for the emergence of the printing press called SAKTHI. The first of its kind where the persons with mental disabilities were able to get training and placement thereafter. This unit has the uniqueness of providing an on the job training apart from providing a sheltered employment.

The trainees are given exposure and training in printing works like composing, binding, printing, screen printing and making of envelop covers. 

Trading & Marketing Activities 
Sangamam-The petty shops at Shristi &Retreat

Sangamam a small shop that has consumer products like soap, oil and small eats run by the residents who monitor the functioning of the shop from purchase to sales and to the maintaining of accounts. Therapeutically this play a role of understanding transactions in trade and building interpersonal relationship in the community. All the trainees involved in the various activities are given incentives by way of stipend. Their morale is also boosted by way of appreciation used as token economy. 

The Aim... 
To enable persons with mental disabilities to acquire work and social skills, prepare them for job and placement 

The Advantages of this Therapy 
The trainees learn a vocation 
Gain a sense of self worth 
Economic independence 
Learn to improve inter personal relationship 
Above all the trainees become a contributory member in the income generating activities of the foundation.

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